This app implements the processes executed by the Tutor/Class Co-ordinator to plan and oversee the operation of tutors, courses, classes, series and events.


Course A planned sequence of instruction, educational goals, or group activities. A curriculum. Examples are Tai Chi, mahjong, Introduction to laptops, Choir etc
Series A related sequence of one-off "courses" such as a bushwalking group, a theatre group, a number of lectures by visiting presenters that are related in some way, etc.
Class & Leaders A Course, led by a tutor, at a venue in a time slot. One person must be responsible for the co-ordinating or leading each session of the class and must make arrangements for the recording of attendances. A class may have several different categories of leader. For example, a head Tutor, assistant Tutors, class monitors or secretaries. Each U3A may nominate the titles for each category of leader: Leaders->Categories App.
If a leader category is marked Student=Yes then this category may enrol in their class and fees are due; if marked Student=No then enrolment is disabled and no fee is due.
If the course continues throughout the year with one group of students, it is one class. But if the same course is repeated during the year, either with the same leaders or different leaders, the same venue(s) or different venues, each repeat of the course must be designated as a separate class of that course.
Event A one-off "class" in a Series. Examples are a visit to a specific location, a trip to a theatre to see a specific movie, a lecture by a visiting lecturer who is not a member of the U3A. Students must enrol in each event and a diifferent fee may apply to each event.
If students enrol for all events in a series, it is classes of a course, not events of a series. The course description may state specific topics for each session of the class.

Functions of this APP

General Instructions

Action buttons are located at the bottom of the page. These are the actions of the standard buttons:


When an error occurs a red error message appears above the Action Buttons at the foot of the page and in most cases immediately below the page title at the top of the page. You will not be able to proceed to the next step in the procedure until all errors are corrected.

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